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Rev. Athena Star, MAHR, is a reknowned Visionary, Mystic, Reiki Master, Teacher and Motivational Speaker.   She has assisted thousands worldwide (including dignitaries and world teachers) in life-transformational sessions & conferences (both live and telephone) for personal and career success, relationships & prosperity.  Frequent national TV/Radio guest. Listen to AthenaStar Radio Show on Sundays 6pmEST bbsradio.com "RadioShow."  She is also a frequent Guest on national TV/Radio.  Available for guest speaking, workshops, sessions media interviewsRead More



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Celebrity in Spirit

Celebrities in Spirit offers a quantum breakthrough in life and answers many of humanity’s unanswerable questions from beyond. It will inspire you to take notice of the world’s problems, transcend them and join with others for the higher good. Each Celebrity discourse is followed by a Power Key and Visualization to accelerate personal and global transformation. Renowned Visionary Athena Star reveals that the charismatic icons, whose deaths we have mourned, have a profound wealth of wisdom to share with all who will listen. Their masterful inspiration will open unlimited gateways.

“Remarkably intuitive, inspirational and compelling, “Celebrities in Spirit,” will accelerate world transformation.” - Judy Cullins, Book Coach & author of 26 books

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Celebrities In Spirit
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Athena Star
"After Taking Athena's teleconference, I experienced major breakthroughs in my personal, spiritual and career goals, shortly thereafter." - C. Daly - Virginia


"Your new book, "Celebrities in Spirit" is auspicious and delicious!" (Nor Sivad, Founder, outoftimeradio.org) (AK)

"Athena helped me thru guidance and energy work to sell my house within a few weeks after 6 months of no prospects!"  (K. M., CO)

"The teleconfs were  so very powerful and so personal, I feel very blessed to have been a part of it."Shirley M.,TX

“I can feel the shifts in my vibrations weekly; the teleconfs are wonderful!" B. Cook, MD

"There are no words to describe how beautiful and powerful this book is.  I have read this book a few times already and feel so inspired.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it."
 "Athena truly has a wonderful and special gift!  My session with her has been life changing and I know that I will be making bigger and better changes in my personal and spiritual life.  (M.C., NJ)

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Results of TeleSessions & Teleconferences

1.    Personal & Global Empowerment
2.    Personal & Global Wellness
3.    Personal and Global Prosperity
4.    Enhanced Creativity & Manifesting
5.    Miracle Shifts in Relationships
6.    Laser Clarity for Life Decisions
7.    Clear Connection w/Higher Self & Angels
8.    Improved Personal & Global Communication
9.    Personal & Global Vision Alignment
10.  Personal & Global Peace

Description of TeleSessions & TeleConfs:


The teleconferences assist in overall transformation and transcendence to assist the group into deeper levels of contemplation.   We journey into higher dimensions of light and go into deeper levels of karmic clearing and inner healing for self and the world with Christ, St. Germain, Budha, Shiva, Indian Elders, Angels & other celestials (interfaith – universal).  Many have a profound connection of Oneness.

Special messages for personal and global gateway openings will be conveyed.  As we anchor in new frequencies, all participants, their loved ones and the planet are included.  Join us with the Ascended and Angelic Hosts.  We complete the teleconferences with planetary healing and transformational work to accelerate changes in America and the world for the highest good and an update of "the world outlook" according to the Celestial Hosts. 

Private & TeleSessions:

Individual sessions go more deeply as we have time to explore the core root of patterns in this life that relate to past life and parallel dimensions.  Individual TeleSessions/private help to identify, dissolve and transcend old negative and fear behaviors that hold one back in life into enthusiasm, creativity, harmony and prosperity for highest good.  We go into soul records to help the individual merge with their higher essences in this life, thus raising them to achieve magnificence now and fulfill their Divine Plan.   

While TeleConferences open gateways and assist in great ways,  all are encouraged to also arrange private telephone sessions monthly to fully integrate and receive more individualized success and messages from their angels. Thus, the end results of private sessions are accelerated, permanent shifts on all levels to assist in life-long transformation and achievement of true soul purpose/mission, soulmate connections and prosperity.

Special rates for both private TeleSessions &  TeleConferences.