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Celebrities In Spirit


In sharing their insights and  wisdom, the "Celebrities In Spirit"  help you to rediscover your true purpose and passion in life.  The affirmation and visualization tools serve as  useful daily companions to enhance personal growth.


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Celebrities In Spirit
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"An outstanding book! I am left feeling inspired, more creative and able to trust my inner wisdom and ability to accomplish all i desire."  -  Ntathu Allen, Yoga Teacher and author 'Returning Home to the Healing Waters of my Soul'


Open your heart to ignite personal and career potential!

Empower your artistic and leadership skills for Mastery!

Fulfill your “Star Vision” Now!


Celebrities in Spirit offers a quantum breakthrough in life and answers many of humanity’s unanswerable questions from beyond. It will inspire you to take notice of the world’s problems, transcend them and join with others for the higher good. Each Celebrity discourse is followed by a Power Key and Visualization to accelerate personal and global transformation. Renowned Visionary Athena Star reveals that the charismatic icons, whose deaths we have mourned, have a profound wealth of wisdom to share with all who will listen. Their masterful inspiration will open unlimited gateways.

1: Princess Diana ---- Self Mastery & Leadership

2: Elvis Presley --- Achieving Your True Dreams

3: Judy Garland --- A Rainbow Life

4: Johnny Carson --- Career Success

5: Jackie O. Kennedy --- Self-Empowerment

6: John F. Kennedy --- Leadership Excellence

7: Martin Luther King, Jr. –-- Real Freedom

8: Princess Grace --- Self-Fulfillment

9: John Lennon --- Creating Music & World Harmony

10: Howard Hughes --- Financial Wealth

11: Elizabeth Montgomery --- Joyful Manifesting

12: Michael Landon –- Miracles

13: Mahatma Gandhi --- Peaceful Resolutions

14: Mother Theresa --- A More Compassionate World

“Remarkably intuitive, inspirational and compelling, “Celebrities in Spirit,” will accelerate world transformation.” - Judy Cullins, Book Coach & author of 26 books.